“The Pounce”

The first time I saw her it was spring.
It had rained all night long
and the grass was wet.

Time seemed to slow
as we shared a glance
and I knew.

She was the meal for me.

Written for Trifextra Week 100. This started out something completely different in my head, but I like where it went.


“Rocking Chair Magic”

a woman sits near her window
listening to the songs of birds just returning
after an endless winter
her fingers busy with needlework
that she does not watch
not needing to after so many years practice
curled at her hip
a calico (and grey) feline
rumbling softly as she watches the woman’s hands
curious what magic she creates today

“To Brighid”

Mother of the warming sun,
Protector of the Hearth,
Keeper of Awen,
I honor you.

As the wheel turns never-ending
and brings with it longer days filled with the sun’s life-giving warmth,
I thank you for your presence in my life.

My hearth is blessed by your presence, Bright Lady,
and I prepare it anew for your protection.

I celebrate the return of the sun, the warmth and joy of Spring,
bringing your light into my home.

I see and feel the presence of Awen in my life,
and ask for the continued fire of inspiration.

Mother of the warming sun,
Protector of the Hearth,
Keeper of Awen,
I honor you.

“Rhythm of Nature”

Image I wish I'd taken, by Kenia Cris.

Image I wish I’d taken, by Kenia Cris.

New growth is blooming
shrugging off the quiet chill
opening eyes to brighter mornings
and warmer nights.

Soon comes the heat
air moist with every breath
deep groans of thunder
punctuate the night.

Moon’s arrival earlier each dusk
heralds brisk nights
and staunch guardians
shedding their colors everywhere.

A quiet chill returns swiftly and softly
blanketing both day and night
offering no respite
only the promise of renewal.

Written in a vague approximation of the Midnight Songs style, from Sunday’s Mini-Challenge prompt at With Real Toads.