OneWord Poetry: Ensue

there is a moment
in the early morning
as birds begin to waken from their slumber
and the drone of cars is just beginning
it is a moment that lingers
as the sun lightens the sky
before chaos can ensue
when all is right in the world


One-Word Poetry: Bagel

today I read
that someone has developed
and egg sandwich with a doughnut for the bread
that’s just plain silly
why use that sweet mess
when all you need
is a plain, soft bagel
some egg and sausage
and a tall glass of orange juice
the perfect morning meal

“Morning Renewal”

Morning breaks after a rain-soaked night
the sun rises over the peak of a nearby house
beginning to warm the day.

Petals scattered by the storm lie drifted
strewn across stone walkways
reminders of recent sorrows.

She awakens and begins her life anew
does not read the words written
instead sets them aside.

Sitting in the sunlight she sips coffee
feeling her spirit renewed
her passion for living ignited.

Written using some of the words from this week’s Wordle at Sunday Whirl. My first poem of NaPoWriMo!


Morning’s quiet stillness is pierced
a single screech at first
then an accompanying cry
then several more calling back
No nightmare though
starts this cacophony
no half-remembered dream
or lingering desperation.
This dissonance is external
this clamor not held within these four walls.

As I wake early, turning my gaze to the sun
I take a moment to quiet my thoughts
to learn how to separate myself
from the discord.

“Morning Embrace”

I embrace each morning
with an open heart
and without expectation
for morning brings with it
a chance to start again
to see the world afresh
to find joy and wonder in life

This week’s challenge for Trifextra is “33 words about a new beginning.” Mornings are new beginnings, each and every one of them, and should be celebrated as such.


in the moment between
and waking
there exists a moment of knowing
unbridled anticipation
by recollections of a dream
a misty premonition
of future bliss
a promise of delight and wonder

Thirty-three words to describe the anticipation of a new day, an answer to this week’s Trifecta challenge.