Tonight we dine on memories
And expect
Time to relent to our desires
In darkness we find images
Moving pictures in unconsciousness
Masking the realities of our existence
Though at their center lies a message
A slice of clarity
Obscured in one dizzying mindscape after another
This meal of moments lasts
As long as your night persists
So ignore the soft groan of aged bedsprings
The whispered sigh of unclean sheets
Seek instead the cataractous vision of dreams
In which the eye cannot quite focus
And makes spectres out of sense
Revel in a figment of reality
Your clairvoyant soul shedding mundane wrappings
Making itself a snake.

Today’s entry in NaPoWriMo is inspired by the prompt, which bids us visit the Bibliomancy Oracle, receive our quote and use it as the basis of our poem somehow. I used one word from the quote in each line of the above poem.

April Intentions

I’ve already written once about my intentions for writing in April once, but I thought I’d revisit that topic again, since it’s a little closer to April First, and I’ve clarified a few things in my head.

I am going to be attempting participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this year. It will be my first year doing Camp NaNo, but I’m coming off the heels of a NaNoWriMo win in November so I have high hopes. One thing that may help me with it is that the word count goal is flexible for Camp NaNo – I can choose anything from 10k words upwards. I had started thinking I might set 33,333 words (because the title of my collection is ‘Thirty-Three Words’) as my goal, but I may have to drop that back because I may be working a lot more starting next month. (Yay!)

I also want to do NaPoWriMo, which is the poetry version of NaNoWriMo. I haven’t been writing much of anything lately (I’ve been doing much more knitting and spinning than writing), so it may be difficult for me to do both, but poetry is one thing I definitely love, and I don’t want to let that slide just because I’m writing short stories for a while.

Something I did last April was A-Z April which was hosted at Haiku Heights. Sadly, that blog has closed, but I think I might do it on my own. I really like themes, and at least if I’m posting one little poem a day it encourages me to sit down and write. Also, I enjoy haiku. I’ve written a fair bit of it. I even did a small series of fairy tales rewritten as haiku. I could certainly continue that, or do another themed set … or several.

Camp NaNoWriMo & NaPoWriMo

As you might remember, I participated in NaNoWriMo last year, for the third time, and for the first time I won. I ended up writing over 64k words, when the goal was 50k, and I’m pretty impressed with myself in that regard. I have a completed rough draft of a novel that needs some serious editing, but it’s a completed rough draft and that’s big for me.

The people who run NaNoWriMo also do Camp NaNoWriMo in April and July. It’s a more flexible version of the original NaNoWriMo, but based on the same idea: set a goal for the month, and work your ass off to reach that goal. I wasn’t sure I would participate in this, but I think NaNoWriMo was so good for me as a writer that I’d be foolish not to do Camp as well.

I first thought I might use Camp to do my first edits on the existing novel, which I really need to do and not let it sit and be forgotten. But then I thought maybe I could do another novel that’s been rattling around in my brain for a bit.

Thirty Three Days

The asteroid some had predicted would hit the Earth is on a collision course with the planet, and all estimates said there is only a month’s time before it hits. Even if it doesn’t obliterate the planet, life will certainly change.

What would you do, if you knew you had only thirty-three days to live?

The idea for that one came from a writing prompt several years ago, and I thought it might be a nifty novel idea. Maybe a group of short stories. I’m not sure. Short stories seems a little more doable, really, now that I’m thinking about it.


I then was reminded that NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) is also in April, and that led to a renewed wish to put together and publish a collection of poetry. So I’ve decided that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to write poetry. I don’t know how much poetry it’ll take to feel like I’ve really accomplished something, especially since I tend to write shorter pieces. I only wrote a total of 5800 words in 2013 (not including NaNo!), though I did write 14k+ in 2012. I’ve settled on 15k words, so I may have to write 6-10 pieces a day in order to get 15k done in one month, but that could be doable, even if they’re crap.

So, Camp NaNoWriMo and NaPoWriMo are a go! Even if I get that promotion I’ve been teased with for four months, I should still be able to manage it. And if I don’t at least I will have tried.

“May Eve”

A grassy field spreads open
hemmed by crumbling stone and ancient oaks
gay ribbons streaming in the breeze from the lowest branches
Drums rumble through the night
while the grove gathers around a bonfire
flames leaping into the darkness, chasing it away
Each merry soul carries with them
small bunches of flowers tied in ribbon
a gift for the Queen of May
As the sun sets and the bright moon shows her face
revelers begin spiral dances
celebrations that will last throughout the night
Come morning they will praise the May Queen
seek her blessings of fertility and creativity
around a festooned pole or a blazing fire
But tonight is for revelry
for delighting in the balance of Sun and Moon
for honoring the duality of life
male and female, Goddess and God
for both are needed
in order for humanity to thrive.


to the quiet
the silence speak
as nothing moves
the darkness

in a space before time
in a moment of anti-matter
lives the everything
alive and dying
dead and reborn

there exists all of creation
all of life blooms from one place
from one impossibly small moment

“Beaver, Damn.”

there he stood, staring
into the strange immovable water
awestruck and terrified
gone was his powerful tail
his pelt of water-shedding fur
and giant wood-shredding teeth
reached for a pencil, and chewed

Two prompts get smushed together today in this little piece. First, Trifextra asks us to use compound modifiers in a piece of exactly 33 words. I used two. Second, Fireblossom challenges us at With Real Toads to write a poem as if the spirit of an animal has taken over our bodies, and how they might react to that.

Cliff’s Notes Fairy Tails

beast of sooty pelt
cautiously stalking beauty
stones drag him to die

~ ~ ~

little cinder girl
until the glass slipper fits
lifted from ashes

~ ~ ~

pricked finger brings sleep
one hundred years later, a prince
bestows magic kiss

~ ~ ~

two children lost find
sweetened cabin , cannibal
witch hopes to fatten

~ ~ ~

house fell on sister
wicked witch cries for revenge
and for the red shoes

Over at With Real Toads yesterday, Izy asked us to write “Cliff’s Notes” versions of our favorite stories. You can’t get more condensed than a haiku, right? So here are five haiku versions of some of my favorite tales.

“Lunar Blessing – a Sijo”

Last night the moon rose, full and bright in the Eastern sky
I turned to gaze upon her, to offer my thanks for her blessings
for without her grace, without her light and influence, I would be lost.

Today’s challenge at d’Verse Poets ask us to consider the Korean form ‘sijo’ as we write. Sijo is similar in some ways to a haiku, but uses more syllables, which allows us to explore ideas more fully.