“out of the quiet dream of blackness”

Out of the blackness of dreams
There are wild murmurous thoughts
Whirling out of the deepest recesses
Shattering the stillness and silence of sleep

Here the orb of the moon may be brilliant gold
Or instead it may be blue as still waters
Here creatures may speak with the tongues of man
Or man may bleat and bark and chirp
As nonsensical as the creatures they mimic
Here doors may not open inward, or outward
But instead may fold into themselves
Or shatter into bits at the rap of knuckles

In the quiet blackness of dreams
All sense becomes nonsense
In the black quietness of dreams
All chaos becomes reality
In the black dream of quietness
We become our heart’s longing
In the quiet dream of blackness
We are still

Written in response to today’s challenge at With Real Toads, where we are given a list of words that seem disparate and asked to use at least five. I used eight.

“Beaver, Damn.”

there he stood, staring
into the strange immovable water
awestruck and terrified
gone was his powerful tail
his pelt of water-shedding fur
and giant wood-shredding teeth
reached for a pencil, and chewed

Two prompts get smushed together today in this little piece. First, Trifextra asks us to use compound modifiers in a piece of exactly 33 words. I used two. Second, Fireblossom challenges us at With Real Toads to write a poem as if the spirit of an animal has taken over our bodies, and how they might react to that.

Cliff’s Notes Fairy Tails

beast of sooty pelt
cautiously stalking beauty
stones drag him to die

~ ~ ~

little cinder girl
until the glass slipper fits
lifted from ashes

~ ~ ~

pricked finger brings sleep
one hundred years later, a prince
bestows magic kiss

~ ~ ~

two children lost find
sweetened cabin , cannibal
witch hopes to fatten

~ ~ ~

house fell on sister
wicked witch cries for revenge
and for the red shoes

Over at With Real Toads yesterday, Izy asked us to write “Cliff’s Notes” versions of our favorite stories. You can’t get more condensed than a haiku, right? So here are five haiku versions of some of my favorite tales.


not with your head
with your heart
it is all I’ve ever asked of you
if we must part
promise me it is because your heart
tells you I cannot give what you desire
if instead
deep within
you still hold hope
still feel connection to your moon
I pray
you will not let your head rule
in a matter where hearts know best

Written as a response to the prompt at With Real Toads, which asks us to write a Hello or Goodbye. I don’t like goodbyes.

“Tea for Three” “Doctor Who”

fanciful feast, a delicate tea
something which ought to have
happened today
but the tea set is busted
and the guests all are gone
so here, have a teacake
and play us a song

~ ~ ~

Often I watch
Doctor Who on tv
but today I have no one
to watch it with me
so I’m sitting here
watching it all on my own
knowing that soon
my sweet love will be home

My weak attempts at the double-dactyll form, inspired by yesterday’s prompt at With Real Toads.

“It Gets Better”

There are tears, and there will continue to be tears
In those tears is understanding
and release
of emotions too powerful to hold in.
There is pain, and there will continue to be pain
With that pain comes focus
and clarity
and determination to overcome it.
It gets better
isn’t just a platitude.
It really will, day by day
step by step and moment by moment
if we only open ourselves
to the healing.

This is my attempt to answer the prompt today at With Real Toads.