OneWord: clasp

it is all too easy
to clasp hands
to meet another’s gaze
and speak words said
by a hundred hundred other souls

it is a far more difficult thing
to sit in silence
with only the sound of breath
to remind you of another’s presence
with no assurance that they will be present tomorrow
except the knowledge of your own heart

A to Z Haiku April: Open Prompt, Morning Mist, Nightingale, Owl

love, four letter word
which can surely steal your breath
but in the best way

~ ~ ~

dewy dawn delight
obscures the fields across which
gentle does do bound

~ ~ ~

evening visitor
do be silent please I beg,
I’m trying to sleep

~ ~ ~

dusk stalker, silent
in your deadly dive, your prey
never saw you come

Written for Haiku Heights‘ A to Z Haiku April.


for a time
I basked in the rapture of your attention
reveled in it
believing it was mine to hold
but with irrational infatuation comes a fall
into unsheltered understanding
a revelation of reality
an unmitigated grief which threatens

such heartache
while devastating
is temporary
it’s ephemeral except in my heart
so don’t blame me now
for trying to raise myself
above the hurt
for putting you behind me
and moving on

“Sweet Misery”

Why do we love?
Why open our hearts and souls to be stolen and shattered?
Would it not be safer to remain alone,
to construct strong walls
and hide within them
protected from Cupid’s arrows?
Why do we expose ourselves to the possibility of pain?
Allow our very spirit to be crushed
by the very thing we crave?
We know it will bring us such agony
and yet we hunger for it
seek it out
endlessly expose ourselves
to self-inflicted defeat.
Love is agony
and yet it is such sweet misery.

Written in response to Kerry’s Wednesday Challenge at With Real Toads’, asking us to explore existentialism.

“Someone I Used to Know”

You started us
with ‘someone I used to know’
we began in this place
with heartache and heartbreak
what more should I expect
than for the prophesy to come true?

We were born
with words of suffering
songs of separation and loss
so how can I expect more of you
than to make them come true?

I cannot hear them now
without thinking of us
or of you
but that will be okay
one day.

One day I will hear
someone I used to know
and think fondly
of the one
who became the one I used to know.

“Maybe It’s Time”

I don’t want this hell
but maybe I need it.
I don’t want to sit and think of the might’ve been’s
of the what-if’s
but maybe, just maybe, it will turn this mind-numbing fog
crystal clear.
I don’t love feeling alone
but maybe it’s time I learn to be that way
to rely first on myself before I lean on someone else.
I have my words
I have my teddy bear
I have my tears
I have my unshakable faith that the Universe is there
waiting for me to open my tear-filled eyes
and take my first steps
into being.