“May Eve”

A grassy field spreads open
hemmed by crumbling stone and ancient oaks
gay ribbons streaming in the breeze from the lowest branches
Drums rumble through the night
while the grove gathers around a bonfire
flames leaping into the darkness, chasing it away
Each merry soul carries with them
small bunches of flowers tied in ribbon
a gift for the Queen of May
As the sun sets and the bright moon shows her face
revelers begin spiral dances
celebrations that will last throughout the night
Come morning they will praise the May Queen
seek her blessings of fertility and creativity
around a festooned pole or a blazing fire
But tonight is for revelry
for delighting in the balance of Sun and Moon
for honoring the duality of life
male and female, Goddess and God
for both are needed
in order for humanity to thrive.

“Punk-Rock Llama in Winter”

Doll created by Junsung Lee

a punk-rock llama lives in a black and white world
he doesn’t know the slowly changing paints of autumn
or the sweet, soft wash of spring flowers and new leaves
or even the bright, hot glow of a summer’s day
he only knows winter
stark and colorless
black trees painted with white snow
but even winter’s barren landscape reveals life
cream-hued creatures hidden in the snow
but not to the punk-rock llama

Written as a response to With Real Toads’ Sunday Mini-Challenge, which gave us images of dolls created by schoolchildren from which to base our writing.

“The Voice of Nature”

Quietly they wander the woods
straying from the rocky shore
where majestic eagles stand watch
to explore deeper within.
Although the season sings of death
all around them is new
they are reborn to their natural souls
Fallen trunks and trickling brooks
do not speak of loss
to these wanderers
but of renewal and hope.
Together they travel
ignoring walls of logic
instead allowing knowing to bloom
listening to the voice of nature.

Inspired by the season, by my life, and by the words found at this weeks Sunday Whirl.

“Rhythm of Nature”

Image I wish I'd taken, by Kenia Cris.

Image I wish I’d taken, by Kenia Cris.

New growth is blooming
shrugging off the quiet chill
opening eyes to brighter mornings
and warmer nights.

Soon comes the heat
air moist with every breath
deep groans of thunder
punctuate the night.

Moon’s arrival earlier each dusk
heralds brisk nights
and staunch guardians
shedding their colors everywhere.

A quiet chill returns swiftly and softly
blanketing both day and night
offering no respite
only the promise of renewal.

Written in a vague approximation of the Midnight Songs style, from Sunday’s Mini-Challenge prompt at With Real Toads.

“Dalliance with Helios’ Daughters”

Masque of the Four Seasons - Walter Crane

Eiar dances through grassy fields
her flesh blooming pink and gold but not yet ripe
leaving mortal man tempted to future pleasures
craving erotic delights
yet uncovered from floral treasures
her every movement spring’s reawakening personified

Her sister comes as summer’s heat builds
Theros in brilliant fruited glory
plump curves swing, heavy as fruit from a branch
drawing men to touch and caress
juice dripping from ravenous mouths
promises of ample bounty for all

Autumn’s sister comes, Phthinoporon
she flings her covers aside
exposes her sun-bronzed flesh aglow
dusted gold and stained crimson
dark eyes betraying growing melancholy
not assuaged by the comforts of mortal hands

At last pale Kheimon draws near
rapture has left her spent
a spray of silver magic paints her flesh
abandoned, she withdraws into winter
frigid moods exposed
leaving mortals longing for renewed heat

Inspired by a conversation about my previous poem Silver Magic, I’ve taken some of the themes from it and written a new piece. Also offered up to Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 66, and to the Sunday Scribble, which invites us to share treasures. Also linked up at d’Verse for Meeting the Bar – Balance, as I have written this in balanced stanzas.
Linked up at The Poetry Pantry (6/29/12)

The subject depicts the Horae, lesser goddesses attributed to the Seasons in Greek mythology, among other things.