“Someone I Used to Know”

You started us
with ‘someone I used to know’
we began in this place
with heartache and heartbreak
what more should I expect
than for the prophesy to come true?

We were born
with words of suffering
songs of separation and loss
so how can I expect more of you
than to make them come true?

I cannot hear them now
without thinking of us
or of you
but that will be okay
one day.

One day I will hear
someone I used to know
and think fondly
of the one
who became the one I used to know.

“Spring Afternoon”

cloudless skies
against which puffs of white stand stark
reminders of a past lost to me
a flash of brilliant scarlet darts past
a sudden cry threatens to draw a smile to my lips
shadows slowly lengthen
drawing a curtain over another day

one more day closer to life alone

Looking outside, at Mama Zen’s behest, and turning a sunny spring day into a daunting, scarey thing. Written for today’s Words Count prompt.

“Somewhere Along the Way”

Somewhere along the way
I lost the power to make myself happy.

I don’t know how it came to be
or how long it’s been that way.
I only know that it has left me sinking
flailing wildly
reaching for a hand to hold.

Somewhere along the way
I stopped taking control of my own destiny.

Now I’m afraid I don’t know how
to continue living.
I only know how to exist
how to reflect the glow of someone else
not how to shine with my own brilliant light.

“I Can Feel My Heart Breaking”

I can feel my heart breaking
It feels like a slowness
spreading out from the deepest parts of my soul
like a growing chill
the coming of winter
blanketing the curves of my earth.

I have never felt such fear
never known such indecision
such unassured panic.

I have known hurt
in the throes of teenaged angst
and too-young losses.
But this
excruciating loneliness
spreading through my core
threatens everything.

My sanity.
My clarity.
My hope.
My dreams.

Lost in a limbo of loneliness.
Tumbling towards a cliff
at full speed.
Racing to the end of forever.

Written for Fireblossom Friday, which told us to write about a crack. Do cracks in my breaking heart count? I hope so.

“In the Company of Grief”

I sit in darkness
unable to feel the warmth of the sun
the caress of the wind
the kiss of the rain
the security of the earth.
I sit alone
but in the company of grief.
The faces of lost souls appear
memories of voices speaking but unheard
for I cover my ears
unwilling to hear their goodbyes
unable to let them go.

Inspired by a conversation this morning, and the prompt by Robert Lee Brewer at Writer’s Digest’s Poetic Asides.

“Losing the Magic”


“Is there anybody there?”
I ask, but the voice I heard is already gone.
I wrap my arms around myself and close my eyes
Slip into that moment I never want to endure.
I feel tears slip down my cheeks because I know one day
I will lose you.

You were never mine to begin with
Not really.
A dream, a wish, a magical moment between
Our two hearts.
I want to revel in that dream a while longer though
To pull the covers up over my head
Snuggle in to your side and slip back
into that bliss.

I know already I will lose you.
One day this will become impossible
You will take your touch away and leave me chilled.
Until then though
I give everything I can
Everything I am
To you.
Maybe staving off the inevitable moment
That silence is the only reply
When I call out “Is there anybody there?”

Written to answer the call over at Carry On Tuesday, which this week asks us to use the opening line “Is there anybody there?” from Walter de la Mare’s poem The Listeners.