Tarot Series: The Hermit

in a world of his own high atop a mountain
the hermit seeks understanding in the words
and worlds of his elders
unaware that they watch him even here

from this peak he can watch as he reads
searching for clues to some hidden understanding
reveling and relishing the solitude
alone, but not lonely

in their words he will find guidance
a new direction, illumination of his thoughts
in seclusion he will gain understanding
and then move on

Tarot Series: Strength

a maiden looks into the face of the dragon
the red rose of her lover clutched in her hand
and though she aught to fear the beast before her
she stands her ground, for she is strength

she is confident the golden creature will not bring harm
to herself or to the tiny creatures at her feet
and reaches a hand to feel the heat of its breath
meeting his gaze with reverence

secure in her power over the dragon’s rage
yet she doesn’t look away
the maiden shows a loving, gentle hand
benevolence and composure in the face of adversity

Tarot Series: The Chariot

opposing forces meet atop the vale
gathering their forces
as though bringing chariots to war
bound by a promise

together they grasp the orb
each determined and confident
in their own power
held there by their own intent

they shall remain locked in battle
a ceaseless effort to each control the other
to master the realm they covet
the realm beyond the mountaintop

Tarot Series: The Lovers

fire and water don’t mix
but these two, dragons of ancient ages
seek harmony and peace in their bond
a connection that prevails despite adversity

gazing into each others eyes
the lovers seek solace
find serenity such that all creatures
feel safe in their presence

their love is a thing beyond all others
untouchable, unshakeable
though they may never touch
they shall aways be together

Tarot Series: High Priest

before the tapestry the high priest stands
recalling the lessons he has learned
those lessons have provided him
with the foundation for his beliefs

in those beliefs he has found security,
strength in the traditions to which he adheres
with staff and wand he seeks stability
in ritual and ceremony, in faith

because he has learned he stands tall
secure in his beliefs, adapting when he must
he stands tall, committed to what he knows
unshaken devotion in his proud manner

Tarot Series: The Emperor

in the children of his line he sees the future
and so the emperor knows he must keep them safe
they bring him joy and strength with their love
each day is new through them

and yet his gaze is turned not to the young
but beyond them to an imagined threat
he remains ready, poised to act should anything
threaten his home, his land, his family

he represents all that he must be
order and strength, responsibility and guidance
because of him, there is beauty and safety
for those that follow

Tarot Series: The Empress

on the banks of the river the empress stands
belly round in promise of motherhood
her face is radiant with the joy in life
appreciation for all that surrounds her

the dragons come to her, young and old
bearing gifts of beauty
red roses clutched close bring a shine to her eyes
promising joy and health and life

they are connected, the woman and the dragons
both creatures of nature, both connected
her openness draws them to her in this place
surrounded by Nature, embraced and embracing the world