“Across an Infinite Distance”

across an infinite distance
I hear the rhythm
of invisible fists beating the air
I hear the call of a thousand voices
whispering incessantly

across an infinite distance
I know each hit, each stroke
must be precise
I know the cries
that calamity emits

across an infinite distance
I feel the burden of creation
and kneel beneath its weight
I feel myself grow tense
as every impulse goes awry

Written in response to this morning’s Wordle 133at The Sunday Whirl

“Morning Renewal”

Morning breaks after a rain-soaked night
the sun rises over the peak of a nearby house
beginning to warm the day.

Petals scattered by the storm lie drifted
strewn across stone walkways
reminders of recent sorrows.

She awakens and begins her life anew
does not read the words written
instead sets them aside.

Sitting in the sunlight she sips coffee
feeling her spirit renewed
her passion for living ignited.

Written using some of the words from this week’s Wordle at Sunday Whirl. My first poem of NaPoWriMo!

“Stone-Crowned Hill”

Upon a hill crowned by ancient stones
a gathering of teachers and students
opens a circle.

Earth and sky as their stage
Bards tell heroic tales
stealing moments of time
both past and future.
Some strive to bring tears, others laughter
still more to draw a hushed silence
to the gathered crowd
gazing awestruck upon their number.

Prophets spill words upon the masses
sublime secrets
uttered in a metrical melange;
proverbs in pieces.
Ovates sit gazing into flickering flames
and open pools
offering glimpses of the possible.

As the hilltop sparkles
with the light of fireflies
Druids gather to speak
not of limits but of discipline.
They lead discussions
asking the people to become caretakers
not keepers.

Upon a hill crowned by ancient stones
a gathering of teachers and students
closes a circle
but leaves behind a force stronger than humanity.

Written as a response to this week’s Sunday Wordle.

“Approaching Clarity”

a bitter wind blows impatiently
a voice I listen to
while I sit quietly
warming myself not with a fire
but with words
approaching clarity without never truly reaching it

This week’s Wordle-inspired poem. I’m trying to begin the year with writing, but have been a little uninspired, dealing with other issues in my life. I’ll get back in a rhythm soon, I hope. I miss writing.


demon metal
forged in hate and fear
across time and space running rampant
this drive to exterminate relentless

no spectrum of passions
only mindless obedience
an innate drive to destroy all life

I read the words at this weeks Sunday Whirl while watching an episode of Doctor Who, and so this poem was born of that wonderful madness. All hail the Oncoming Storm.

“The Voice of Nature”

Quietly they wander the woods
straying from the rocky shore
where majestic eagles stand watch
to explore deeper within.
Although the season sings of death
all around them is new
they are reborn to their natural souls
Fallen trunks and trickling brooks
do not speak of loss
to these wanderers
but of renewal and hope.
Together they travel
ignoring walls of logic
instead allowing knowing to bloom
listening to the voice of nature.

Inspired by the season, by my life, and by the words found at this weeks Sunday Whirl.

“Thread-like and Tangled”

there is beauty in the way
we think
men and women
so vastly unalike and yet
bound by hungers
so similar
tangled threads which do not
(as some might presume)
make us damaged
instead we are strengthened
given power
by that which we wish for

A very late addition to this past Sunday’s Sunday Whirl. I was in the midst of birthday festivities and missed it, but have finally caught up and was drawn to post this.

“Table for Two”

two sit in a cafe
recommended to them
one warmed by sun’s glowing face
another sheltered
a tall potted fern offering blissful shade
they share salted peanuts
drinking coffee and reading
the happenings of a world ignorant of them
two sitting at a table
quietly enjoying the day
without keeping score

Written for Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 79.

“In Time and Space”

Photo is my own, taken at the Generalife gardens in Granada, Spain

Photo is my own, taken at the Generalife gardens in Granada, Spain

sit alone in the quiet dusk
a recipe for introspection
each tangled thought a link to the next

empty chairs scream dangerous words
walls become transparent
like chain-link fences forming invisible barriers
from the world outside
leaving the heart trapped
tangled in a net of its own creation

wounded souls need time and space
to heal and grow
need to flex and stretch beyond their bounds
to improve their range of emotion

Trying to get back in the habit of writing every day. I need it, to give my soul an outlet, as my moodiness lately can attest to.
This was written for this week’s wordle at Sunday Whirl. Click through, and go check out what others have written.