“Earth’s Lessons”

Earth raised up her head
and spoke gently to the masses
her eyes shimmering with tears of joy
her voice wavering
as if the words she uttered were composed of sorrow

“People of the world” said she, holding out her hands
“It is now time for you
to take responsibility for the choices you have made
time for you to live in the world you have created.”

Quietly, restlessly
her people looked upon her and listened.

“I leave to you a world
in which pain and suffering are constants
a world which you believe yourselves
keepers, not caretakers
of all things.”

Some of those gathered trembled
and began to hold one another
grown fearful of Earth’s words.

“You must learn that this place was not created
for you to rule.
You are only one
of many inhabitants depending on my soil
on my air, on my lifegiving waters.”

Earth looked upon the gathered populations
and smiled sadly.

“It is time for you to learn how to live
upon this world as part of it
not as though it is your birthright.”

Earth turned then to another gathering
those of her people.
She smiled, this time with true happiness
and outstretched her arms.

“My children
you have treated this world as your home
and honored it with your devotion.
I pray that you are able to show these others
how you have lived and loved this world.
Only then will you heal it
and only then will I be able to return to you.”

Her children nodded solemnly
turned to the populations of the world
and offered their hands
leaving it to them to take the knowledge they offered.

Written as part of NaPoWriMo, using one of the prompts posted by the NaPoWriMo site, asking us to use the first line of another poem as our own. I used “Earth’s Answer” by William Blake for my first line, and was inspired by my Druidic path and by Earth Day, which is tomorrow.

“Spring Afternoon”

cloudless skies
against which puffs of white stand stark
reminders of a past lost to me
a flash of brilliant scarlet darts past
a sudden cry threatens to draw a smile to my lips
shadows slowly lengthen
drawing a curtain over another day

one more day closer to life alone

Looking outside, at Mama Zen’s behest, and turning a sunny spring day into a daunting, scarey thing. Written for today’s Words Count prompt.

“Ancients Whisper”

Close your eyes and
stand still at the mouth of the forest
through which ancient whispers
seek the ears of the initiated
those who can see beyond the mist
to the hidden groves.

There seems to be more to this, but for now I’m going to leave it as is, my entry to this week’s Trifecta challenge, which gave us mouth as our word, with the definition ‘3: something that resembles a mouth especially in affording entrance or exit:’

Moment in Time

Sunlight bathed the fields through which they moved when he stopped and gestured whispering only one word: “Deer”.

She paused and smiled, wishing that she could get to her camera in time, but instead she just watched. They stood soundless, clasping hands as they watched a family of deer turning to watch them back.

Alarmed by their presence, the deer began to bound towards the woods, the noise of their movement breaking the morning’s stillness. She laughed and turned to him, her eyes bright with joy. His gaze reflected her mirth a moment, then he turned to lead her away.

Another small snippet, this time written for Velvet Verbosity’s 100-word challenge, which this week gave us the word “soundless”.


you who stand
at the fringes of the world

you who watch
the cycle of sunrise and sunset

you who dream
of new worlds and passions

you who wait
for magic to expose itself

you carry the dreams and hopes
of a world resplendent with wonder
a world lush and alive
you are the promise of a renewed tomorrow