OneWord: clasp

it is all too easy
to clasp hands
to meet another’s gaze
and speak words said
by a hundred hundred other souls

it is a far more difficult thing
to sit in silence
with only the sound of breath
to remind you of another’s presence
with no assurance that they will be present tomorrow
except the knowledge of your own heart

oneword: doubled

This may be the beginning of something. I’ll revisit it later to see where it leads.

She watched, impassive, as he retched in the bushes outside her sister’s house. He was there, doubled over, groaning and clutching the fencepost with one hand to keep from falling into his own sick.

Then she laughed at the absurdity of it all, and walked up the sidewalk, leaving him behind.

one word: sniper

silent as whispers
perched upon a rooftop
unseen by all but the night
unerring in her determination
target acquired
she waits for the signal
steady hands
steady breaths
she hears the music
takes her shot
before the chaos below
spreads like a bloodstain

one word: exactly

it is exactly this
there is no right
no wrong
there is no perfect way for anything
all things are a journey
each moment is a choice
trying to direct the path only leads to frustration
instead allow yourself to enjoy the view
to experience each moment
if you do this
the path will lead you
exactly where you aught to be

one word: damage

she thought she was damaged
beyond repairing
beyond useable
she thought no one wanted her
that she was something to be thrown away
left behind

she learned instead
over time
that she was only as wonderful
as she believed herself to be
and so she began to see herself amazing
repaired the damage done
by time
by neglect
by forgetting