one word: damage

she thought she was damaged
beyond repairing
beyond useable
she thought no one wanted her
that she was something to be thrown away
left behind

she learned instead
over time
that she was only as wonderful
as she believed herself to be
and so she began to see herself amazing
repaired the damage done
by time
by neglect
by forgetting


I live in imperfect exile
somewhere within my own heart.
Existing in pieces
which have never been whole.

I wanted this to be longer, but there was nothing more to be said. This is my offering to this weekend’s d’Verse Poetics.  Go read what others had to say on the subject!

Reposted again at d’Verse for their Anniversary Celebration. Happy anniversary, d’Verse!


that’s what I would be if you turned from me
not broken entirely
it would take more force
but the loss of you
would prey on the flaws you cannot see
applying force
until delicate cracks opened
a spider’s web of splinters smooth on the outside
yet jagged within
held together
by a dream of what I used to be