A to Z Haiku April: “Shadow”, “Tsunami”, “Uproot”, “Volcano”, “Waterfall”

shadow consumes, but
only partially, lunar
face still visible
~ ~ ~
massive waves approach
threatening great destruction
promising relief
~ ~ ~
winds howl, tearing trees
from rich soil, leaving them prone
playgrounds for children
~ ~ ~
molten stone oozes
slow, consuming everything
leaves earth a wasteland
~ ~ ~
tears come unbidden
my face soon a waterfall
Dumbo died today

Written for Haiku Heights’ A to Z April.


Cliff’s Notes Fairy Tails

beast of sooty pelt
cautiously stalking beauty
stones drag him to die

~ ~ ~

little cinder girl
until the glass slipper fits
lifted from ashes

~ ~ ~

pricked finger brings sleep
one hundred years later, a prince
bestows magic kiss

~ ~ ~

two children lost find
sweetened cabin , cannibal
witch hopes to fatten

~ ~ ~

house fell on sister
wicked witch cries for revenge
and for the red shoes

Over at With Real Toads yesterday, Izy asked us to write “Cliff’s Notes” versions of our favorite stories. You can’t get more condensed than a haiku, right? So here are five haiku versions of some of my favorite tales.

A to Z Haiku April: Open Prompt, Morning Mist, Nightingale, Owl

love, four letter word
which can surely steal your breath
but in the best way

~ ~ ~

dewy dawn delight
obscures the fields across which
gentle does do bound

~ ~ ~

evening visitor
do be silent please I beg,
I’m trying to sleep

~ ~ ~

dusk stalker, silent
in your deadly dive, your prey
never saw you come

Written for Haiku Heights‘ A to Z Haiku April.