one word: damage

she thought she was damaged
beyond repairing
beyond useable
she thought no one wanted her
that she was something to be thrown away
left behind

she learned instead
over time
that she was only as wonderful
as she believed herself to be
and so she began to see herself amazing
repaired the damage done
by time
by neglect
by forgetting

“It Gets Better”

There are tears, and there will continue to be tears
In those tears is understanding
and release
of emotions too powerful to hold in.
There is pain, and there will continue to be pain
With that pain comes focus
and clarity
and determination to overcome it.
It gets better
isn’t just a platitude.
It really will, day by day
step by step and moment by moment
if we only open ourselves
to the healing.

This is my attempt to answer the prompt today at With Real Toads.


for a time
I basked in the rapture of your attention
reveled in it
believing it was mine to hold
but with irrational infatuation comes a fall
into unsheltered understanding
a revelation of reality
an unmitigated grief which threatens

such heartache
while devastating
is temporary
it’s ephemeral except in my heart
so don’t blame me now
for trying to raise myself
above the hurt
for putting you behind me
and moving on

“Someone I Used to Know”

You started us
with ‘someone I used to know’
we began in this place
with heartache and heartbreak
what more should I expect
than for the prophesy to come true?

We were born
with words of suffering
songs of separation and loss
so how can I expect more of you
than to make them come true?

I cannot hear them now
without thinking of us
or of you
but that will be okay
one day.

One day I will hear
someone I used to know
and think fondly
of the one
who became the one I used to know.

“Maybe It’s Time”

I don’t want this hell
but maybe I need it.
I don’t want to sit and think of the might’ve been’s
of the what-if’s
but maybe, just maybe, it will turn this mind-numbing fog
crystal clear.
I don’t love feeling alone
but maybe it’s time I learn to be that way
to rely first on myself before I lean on someone else.
I have my words
I have my teddy bear
I have my tears
I have my unshakable faith that the Universe is there
waiting for me to open my tear-filled eyes
and take my first steps
into being.