“Rhythm of Nature”

Image I wish I'd taken, by Kenia Cris.

Image I wish I’d taken, by Kenia Cris.

New growth is blooming
shrugging off the quiet chill
opening eyes to brighter mornings
and warmer nights.

Soon comes the heat
air moist with every breath
deep groans of thunder
punctuate the night.

Moon’s arrival earlier each dusk
heralds brisk nights
and staunch guardians
shedding their colors everywhere.

A quiet chill returns swiftly and softly
blanketing both day and night
offering no respite
only the promise of renewal.

Written in a vague approximation of the Midnight Songs style, from Sunday’s Mini-Challenge prompt at With Real Toads.

“Midsummer Eve”

on the eve of the longest day
scantily clad
they come to offer
accompanied by incense and wine
meant to intensify the experience
of intoxication
offerings of music lilt on summer breezes
joined by voices intoning
a cyclical melody with no beginning
or termination

“My Sweet”

he loves blackberries and blood oranges
has visions of bottles of sweet liquors
fashioned of those delectable delights
their sweet aroma
perfuming the air while our fingers
and lips
are stained with their colors
some moments I spy him
sneaking a berry
or three
grinning like a Cheshire Cat
and it makes me love them too.

Adele at The Music In It incited us to write about fruits this week, and I couldn’t help but use my husband’s love for some of his favorites as inspiration.