“To Brighid”

Mother of the warming sun,
Protector of the Hearth,
Keeper of Awen,
I honor you.

As the wheel turns never-ending
and brings with it longer days filled with the sun’s life-giving warmth,
I thank you for your presence in my life.

My hearth is blessed by your presence, Bright Lady,
and I prepare it anew for your protection.

I celebrate the return of the sun, the warmth and joy of Spring,
bringing your light into my home.

I see and feel the presence of Awen in my life,
and ask for the continued fire of inspiration.

Mother of the warming sun,
Protector of the Hearth,
Keeper of Awen,
I honor you.

“Path to Awen”

step off the well-worn path
into the mist
pause a moment
let the quiet enfold you

a path opens
winding through ancient oaks
towering pines
smooth-barked aspen and papery birch
until finally you reach it

a sacred grove
unseen to those closed to the mysteries of Nature
fragrant with decaying leaves and needles
the breeze whispering welcomes
a sacred grove
bordered by rooted bodies with primal souls
branches overhead open to reveal a starlit sky

enter and be welcomed
settle upon a mossy space
take a quiet breath, feel the zephyr’s touch
sit and just experience the embrace of Nature

this silent night is not one of solitude
you are not alone
listen for the voices of our revered earth
open yourself to the messages
carried upon the breath of night
illuminated by star and moon

stay as long as you like
allow your spirit to be renewed
your mind refreshed
become grounded, centered, awakened

when it is time to withdraw from your woodland temple
inhale and breathe thanks
press your hands to the earth
lift them to the sky
finally rise and retrace your way
passing between venerable wardens
through the veiling mist

return to an ordinary world
knowing that even here
there is still so much wonder to be found