“To Brighid”

Mother of the warming sun,
Protector of the Hearth,
Keeper of Awen,
I honor you.

As the wheel turns never-ending
and brings with it longer days filled with the sun’s life-giving warmth,
I thank you for your presence in my life.

My hearth is blessed by your presence, Bright Lady,
and I prepare it anew for your protection.

I celebrate the return of the sun, the warmth and joy of Spring,
bringing your light into my home.

I see and feel the presence of Awen in my life,
and ask for the continued fire of inspiration.

Mother of the warming sun,
Protector of the Hearth,
Keeper of Awen,
I honor you.

“Invocation to a Dying King”

Lughnasadh - Sharon McLeod

In preparation for winter
she stands, flour dusted, in the heart
and hearth
of her home.
Tired hands performing
practiced magic;
creating nourishment
from flour and milk and yeast.

She repeats the motions
(turn, draw in, push out)
until finally
order is achieved.
She, and the living slab
rests a moment
she to reflect, it to rise.

Turning to the fire she takes in
a breath
and gives form to her regrets.
Committing them to
parchment scraps.
Each then rests a moment
in her floured fingertips
before falling upon the embers
to be cast into smoke
carried away from her heart.

Looking forward now she shapes harvest loaves
speaking blessings unto the Divine.

“Autumn brings another year to close
and release to regrets and woes.
Draw near those who watch over me
I offer bright blessings to thee.
Danu, Mother Earth
Horned God, Earth Father
I welcome your presence
and thank you for your blessings.
Cerridwen and Cernnunos
Guardians of Nature, of the Crossroads
of Inspiration and Knowledge
I am blessed by your gifts
and invite you to remain at my hearth.
Lugh, Sun King
especially do I thank you
and wish you safe passage in these
your dying nights.
I greet thee all, Great Ones
and set my table with your bounty.”

With this invocation she prepares her feast
begun with bread
the fruit of her labors given form.

Written with inspiration from Poetry Jam, which asks us to write something magical, and from Light Words, who brings us Wonder Wednesdays – this week was Season of Ripening.
Linked up at With Real Toads for Open Link Monday (6/30/12)

“Dalliance with Helios’ Daughters”

Masque of the Four Seasons - Walter Crane

Eiar dances through grassy fields
her flesh blooming pink and gold but not yet ripe
leaving mortal man tempted to future pleasures
craving erotic delights
yet uncovered from floral treasures
her every movement spring’s reawakening personified

Her sister comes as summer’s heat builds
Theros in brilliant fruited glory
plump curves swing, heavy as fruit from a branch
drawing men to touch and caress
juice dripping from ravenous mouths
promises of ample bounty for all

Autumn’s sister comes, Phthinoporon
she flings her covers aside
exposes her sun-bronzed flesh aglow
dusted gold and stained crimson
dark eyes betraying growing melancholy
not assuaged by the comforts of mortal hands

At last pale Kheimon draws near
rapture has left her spent
a spray of silver magic paints her flesh
abandoned, she withdraws into winter
frigid moods exposed
leaving mortals longing for renewed heat

Inspired by a conversation about my previous poem Silver Magic, I’ve taken some of the themes from it and written a new piece. Also offered up to Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 66, and to the Sunday Scribble, which invites us to share treasures. Also linked up at d’Verse for Meeting the Bar – Balance, as I have written this in balanced stanzas.
Linked up at The Poetry Pantry (6/29/12)

The subject depicts the Horae, lesser goddesses attributed to the Seasons in Greek mythology, among other things.