“Two for One”

two dollars well spent
for a flickering fire calming my mind
for soft conversations all around me
for a comfy chair
and hot hazelnut coffee
and for a change of scenery to inspire my soul

a two dollar investment
in my sanity
in my serenity
in my creativity
a Beltane blessing
not a union
but a reunion with myself

two dollars gave me more than just coffee
and internet and shelter from the cold
today, two dollars helped me rekindle my spirit
urged me to step out of my boxes
to rejoin the world and find peace in being alive


“May Eve”

A grassy field spreads open
hemmed by crumbling stone and ancient oaks
gay ribbons streaming in the breeze from the lowest branches
Drums rumble through the night
while the grove gathers around a bonfire
flames leaping into the darkness, chasing it away
Each merry soul carries with them
small bunches of flowers tied in ribbon
a gift for the Queen of May
As the sun sets and the bright moon shows her face
revelers begin spiral dances
celebrations that will last throughout the night
Come morning they will praise the May Queen
seek her blessings of fertility and creativity
around a festooned pole or a blazing fire
But tonight is for revelry
for delighting in the balance of Sun and Moon
for honoring the duality of life
male and female, Goddess and God
for both are needed
in order for humanity to thrive.