for a time
I basked in the rapture of your attention
reveled in it
believing it was mine to hold
but with irrational infatuation comes a fall
into unsheltered understanding
a revelation of reality
an unmitigated grief which threatens

such heartache
while devastating
is temporary
it’s ephemeral except in my heart
so don’t blame me now
for trying to raise myself
above the hurt
for putting you behind me
and moving on

“Dying Splendor” (a zuihitsu attempt)

Laurenz Bobke

Sitting in the fading light of evening, with the song of cicadas accompanying the quiet music of our conversation, it is impossible not to touch, to stretch out one soft hand and drift my fingertips along your arm. There is a warmth in those moments, a song that only our souls can hear, a melody that does not falter even as the evening’s light wanes and leaves us in darkness. Emotion lingers, a permeating glow lighting our eyes despite the dying splendor.

This is my attempt at a zuihitsu (a prose poem with a focus on the impermanence of nature) as challenged by Kerry’s Wednesday Challenge – Running the Brush at With Real Toads, as well as using this weeks words (emotion, falter, touch) from Three-Word Wednesday.

“On That Perilous Borderline”

Path to Paradise - Adit @ DeviantArt

There comes a moment when you must choose
Lingering in a wasteland
Trapped by habits and past decisions
Destined to repeat as Sisyphus does
A path that leads to insanity
Or instead step sideways into a new road
Fraught with hazards and heartaches
Alive with promises of fortune
Awakened to all senses

I stand on that perilous borderline
My gaze fixed on myriad futures
Aching to know which one will come to pass
Fearful of pain
Wanting pleasure and joy

There must come a moment
When I take the knife and cut deep
Severing one from the other
Choosing the way that is right

Still my heart is endangered
By uncertainty and fear
Lifted by love and hope and promise
I stand on the perilous borderline
Between wasteland and paradise
Not yet certain which is which
Taking baby steps into a new world

Written for Three Word Wednesday, which this week gave us words easily bound to one another: cut, endanger, hazard.
Also linked to ABC Wednesday, where B is for Borderline.


all around her
is tangled fur
a shade darker than
it used to be
coming out in
summery clumps
it feels soft enough
to sleep on
and smells of outside
long walks
playing fetch
swimming in the creek
and home

Written for Three Word Wednesday, and an attempt to write about something other than sadness and love. The poet’s curse, I suppose, those things come easy!


Cotton Candy

imagine the world how you wish it to be
paint the spaces around you
with the colors of your dreams
how will it differ from reality?
will you turn the sky orange
the leaves purple
the black asphalt pink?
will you have houses made of cotton candy
and cars made of ants driving on
fruit-leather streets?
or will you leave the things the same
and instead make change
in other ways, like curing the sick?
will you halt war and slavery
and feed the hungry?
is the world of your imagining
filled with music and laughter
with poets and musicians and artists?
Is there any need for soldiers
and politicians?
Will doctors and teachers
and librarians still be needed?

when you imagine a perfect world
what is it you see?

Written for Three Word Wednesday.

“A Little Touch”

Joe Manganiello

bring on the men
where bare chests and tender souls blend
wearing little more than string to tempt the imagination
hunks leave my head in a fog
I struggle to strike up conversation
while my wanton eyes trace where my fingers refrain
latch on to chiseled forms
invigorating to at least some of my senses

temptation creates a current
straight to my core and spares nothing
leaving me breathless
wishing that just one will be lenient to my longings
will crack a smile that pierces the racket
of raucous women
just one is all it takes to whet my

Oh, I know where you were thinking that was going. This naughty little poem was written with the prompts from Three Word Wednesday, Velvet Verbosity, and Sunday Whirl in mind.

Here’s an extra image. Yum.

Magic Mike


my words are an incantation
not whimsy
not impotent indulgence
when I speak I can sear flesh from bone
are tangled
are flaccid fantasies
lost in illusions of what you might have had
live stronger
live impassioned impudence
a dervish blazing deadly spirals around you
before me
before wanton wrath
seeks to nullify your novice efforts to conquer
words conceive
words desecrate decisively
they are wild, untamed things; feral sorcery


Written for Three Word Wednesday CCLXXIII, and for Trifectra Week Twenty-Eight.

“Deer Crossing”

I drive along back country roads
trying to juggle technology’s gifts
the cell phone, the satellite radio, the GPS to navigate me home
they come from nowhere
a mother, a yearling, and a speckled fawn
tails flicking
ears pricked to the sound of iron beasts rushing past
daintily approaching the edge of the wood
I pull over slowly
I stop, and watch them consider their path
awed by their presence, by their nearness, by their peace
their existence a spectacle
offering me solace from the everyday
protection from the chaos of modern convenience
if only for a moment


Written in response to Three Word Wednesday’s prompt, using the words fawn, juggle, and navigate. Also wrote it to answer the challenge at Velvet Verbosity, for the E.B. White prompt.