“Flying Changes”

Zara Phillips - Dressage

the scent of sweet hay assaults my senses
causing a tickle in my nose
making me sneeze and giggle
whickering from the stall all the way at the end
catches my ears
I click my tongue and hear an answering call

running my hands over the stallion’s withers
I caress his shoulder
along his back and haunches
soothing the massive beast
hooves dance anxiously on the dusty floor

we prepare together
speaking in soothing tones
checking saddle and stirrup
bridle and bit
gentle fingers tend to intricate braiding
one last inspection before our time

we enter the arena
hooves gleaming
set to motion long practiced
trot stable, in unison
flying changes in perfect canter
each half pass poetry in movement

scored in collection
in gait and movement
each moment of rhythm
each point of contact
measured against a perfect standard
years of practice
long hours in dusty rings
culminate on this day
we wait again

Written for The Music In It’s Prompt 111: Sports, with linguistic inspiration from d’Verse’s weekend prompt Poetics – Logophilia 2.