“Two for One”

two dollars well spent
for a flickering fire calming my mind
for soft conversations all around me
for a comfy chair
and hot hazelnut coffee
and for a change of scenery to inspire my soul

a two dollar investment
in my sanity
in my serenity
in my creativity
a Beltane blessing
not a union
but a reunion with myself

two dollars gave me more than just coffee
and internet and shelter from the cold
today, two dollars helped me rekindle my spirit
urged me to step out of my boxes
to rejoin the world and find peace in being alive



my fingers reach, arched and delicate
poised for a single stroke
or many perhaps, depending on the mood
they tremble, eager to release
to relieve the pressure of holding back
my lip caught between my teeth
eyes close a moment
then a breath escapes me and I sigh

finally I move
eager to release the words pent up
within my soul
fingers delicate across the keys
spilling words upon a screen
eliciting smiles and murmurs of delight

my verse revealed
stares back at me
the exhibitionist in me baring her soul
allowing others
the briefest glimpse of my anima

Velvet Verbosity asked us to explore the ways in which writing makes us tremble this week, and this is my approach to that. Enjoy!

OneWord: cabin

a witch lived in a cabin, tucked away, secluded
her only companions the creatures of the wood
her guardians the ever-present trees
she confided in the birds
was consoled by the flowers growing in her garden.

she lived a solitary life
or so you might think.

how can you say one is solitary
with the spirits of so many
present and accounted for?

when one speaks to the trees, to the birds
to the sweet speckled fawn
and the sleepy mother bear
is one truly alone?

the witch lived in the cabin
secluded in the woods
but not alone