Tonight we dine on memories
And expect
Time to relent to our desires
In darkness we find images
Moving pictures in unconsciousness
Masking the realities of our existence
Though at their center lies a message
A slice of clarity
Obscured in one dizzying mindscape after another
This meal of moments lasts
As long as your night persists
So ignore the soft groan of aged bedsprings
The whispered sigh of unclean sheets
Seek instead the cataractous vision of dreams
In which the eye cannot quite focus
And makes spectres out of sense
Revel in a figment of reality
Your clairvoyant soul shedding mundane wrappings
Making itself a snake.

Today’s entry in NaPoWriMo is inspired by the prompt, which bids us visit the Bibliomancy Oracle, receive our quote and use it as the basis of our poem somehow. I used one word from the quote in each line of the above poem.


The long night comes to a close;
whispered words of seduction
tickle the hairs on the back of my neck
and send a shiver racing down my spine.
I take a breath, and close my eyes.

The waiting begins;
each moment stretched out
spreading eternity into the crevices
between breaths.

Your presence gone leaves emptiness
winding around me like a serpent
daring me to give chase,
to take the first step along the road
that leads to ruin.


Written in response to Carry On Tuesday’s prompt this week, which is ‘The long and winding road”.  I opted not to use the phrase by itself, and worked the words into the poem instead.