Her thoughts wander to life’s little quandaries
as claret fire warm her lips and loosens her thoughts.
No amount of wishes can make right the wrong turns
or undo the choices made which brought her here.

Wondering gets one nowhere
except trapped in useless dreams.

Each night the same, fine dinner, fine wine
passing conversation back and forth like cards.
Little thought given to any of it
only idle contact without affection.

Closeness breeds weakness
an imperfection in sensibility.

To the minds of some, two are halves of one
but not closed in these ruddy walls.
Here one lingers, isolated and remote
barely casting shadows to affirm existence.

A second poem flew of my fingers today, so I had to post two for the same prompt. Giving due honor to e.e. cummings for the snippet “two are halves of one”.

“In a Red Room”

In a red room
there is time for dreaming
time for hopes to coalesce
to form into possibilities.

In a red room
there is warmth and life
fed by company
passion spawns in a glass of wine.

In a red room
words become murmurs
flocks of them moving effortlessly
from one conversant to another.

In a red room
flaws are softened
the hidden self
illuminated in the glow.

Inspired by this week’s prompt over at Magpie Tales. Lots of wonderful writers have added their vision of this prompt; go and read more!
Also shared with d’Verse’s Open Link Night 56 – 8-8-2012


opaline shimmer across
moonlit skin
the thrum of tribal beats
enticing her to movement

catastrophic wonder
draws onlookers to observe
calamity’s grace and power

sinuous steps
her arms arch above
a scorpion’s tail
poised to poison

in Burma this dance is
in Spain, passion;
in America
it’s hidden in back rooms

carmine lips smile
tasting of cherries and
stale cigarettes
and wine

she moves (doesn’t she?)
casting a spell – an incantation of motion
derived of soul; eliciting heart
elevating, fabricating, erecting.

opaline skin, tribal movement
catastrophic power
sinuous poison steps
dance is hidden seduction
lips taste of cherry wine
an incantation for erection

A second offering to the prompt over at Reverie Twenty-One, this one using the form he suggested.

first poemlet: mention your birthstone
second poemlet: use a word with three or more syllables
third poemlet: mention your zodiac sign
fourth poemlet: use at least three capital letters (ā€œIā€ on its own, and the beginnings of lines, do not count)
fifth poemlet: pick a color and use at least two synonyms/varieties/shades of it
sixth poemlet: use as many different kinds of punctuation mark as you can
seventh poemlet: surprise us with something fancy!