you who stand
at the fringes of the world

you who watch
the cycle of sunrise and sunset

you who dream
of new worlds and passions

you who wait
for magic to expose itself

you carry the dreams and hopes
of a world resplendent with wonder
a world lush and alive
you are the promise of a renewed tomorrow

“New World”

open your eyes
slow, deliberate breaths
air too thick and heavy
your limbs alien appendages
unwieldy as you awaken

seventeen years of slumber
to awaken in an alien world
cobalt and verdigris
russet and crimson
colors so vibrant assault your vision

decay smells sweet
a reminder of your abandoned home
life assaults the senses
as these blossoming fields
sway with your new world’s breath


Written in response to this week’s Meeting the Bar challenge over at d’Verse Poets, which was to write a poem that evokes another world, or takes an alien’s look at our own.