Trifecta 110: Quaint

Morgan’s eyes drowsed as she rode in the carriage towards the nearest village. She felt poorly rested, and it was no wonder; the gala had gone on nearly until dawn after her coronation, and she had only a few hours of sleep before Gracelyn was at her bedside, rousing her with the tempting aroma of breakfast.

Of course, she’d known that being Queen was not going to be a life filled only with parties and dinners and strolling through the gardens. She had been prepared for the work as well as the enjoyment. It was just that she hadn’t planned for it to begin immediately following her coronation.

“We will arrive soon, Your Majesty. Do you need a cool cloth for your face?”

Taregan was touching her hand, now beringed with the signet of her noble house, trying to rouse her gently. She blinked once, then smiled at him, sitting up a little straighter.

“No, thank you Your Grace. I just perhaps need a little fresh air to revive me. It was a long night.”

Her words made the Lord of Elves color slightly and he nodded. “Yes, Your Majesty, it was indeed. I am honored that you chose me to spend so much of the night with.” His color immediately darkened as he heard his own words, but Morgan only giggled.

“I know what you meant, Taregan.” She murmured, using his given name instead of his title. She glanced out the curtained window then, and sighed. “We’ve arrived. Do I look alright?”

He smiled and nodded. “You look glorious, Your Majesty,” he said, a warmth in his tone that was only ever there for her.

When the carriage came to a stop in the village green Taregan stepped out first, and lowered a small set of stairs, helping the Queen to descend with her hand in his. She had once thought it such a quaint image: the nobleman helping the lady down from the carriage. It was natural for her now, however.

A slight post-script that will no doubt be added to the novel when I get around to editing. Finally at least one of my characters has a name! Written with inspiration from the prompt at Trifecta Week 110, which gave us the word “quaint”.