“Someone I Used to Know”

You started us
with ‘someone I used to know’
we began in this place
with heartache and heartbreak
what more should I expect
than for the prophesy to come true?

We were born
with words of suffering
songs of separation and loss
so how can I expect more of you
than to make them come true?

I cannot hear them now
without thinking of us
or of you
but that will be okay
one day.

One day I will hear
someone I used to know
and think fondly
of the one
who became the one I used to know.


So many voices
crawling into my brain and leaving little spores
to feed on whatever will give them life.
So many thoughts
tempting me to extremes of emotion
cajoling me to reach beyond the boundaries.
So many whispers
echoing in the darkness, in the stillness
repeating tossed away imaginings.
I ignore the voices
and refuse to feed their spores
I push away thoughts
which lead me to fear and anger
I deny the whispers
the chance to repeat their poison
I trust in my heart
to guide me to the right path
to reveal the truth even in the darkness.

“Shortest Days”

I shall take heart
and hope
from this the shortest day
I will let each day that passes
with you away from my reach
be as this day
sunrise to sunset
so few hours
time that passes in the blink of an eye

I wrote this piece before I read the prompt from d’Verse this weekend, but I thought that just maybe, it fit in with the theme of the prompt, which is presents and presence. It’s a piece that is a present to someone, and it speaks of missing their presence.