“Lunar Blessing – a Sijo”

Last night the moon rose, full and bright in the Eastern sky
I turned to gaze upon her, to offer my thanks for her blessings
for without her grace, without her light and influence, I would be lost.

Today’s challenge at d’Verse Poets ask us to consider the Korean form ‘sijo’ as we write. Sijo is similar in some ways to a haiku, but uses more syllables, which allows us to explore ideas more fully.

“Lunar Embrace”

Image from Light Words

Beneath this full moon I stand with eyes closed
letting moonlight infuse me, seeking balance and center.
Goddess of night, mother, crone, I pray
for your blessing.
Bestow upon me your quiet peace
your loving embrace.
Guide me along the path I walk alone
let me feel your presence
and your strength.

Over at Wonder Wednesday, we were encouraged to write using round sounds. I didn’t manage that, but I did write with the full moon in mind. It was beautiful here lastnight, so it inspired me.