tattooed hooker
raucous and brazen woman of sharp wit
and sharper tongue
goddess of the unconventional
mistress of mayhem
kindred soul
even distance cannot dull
your brilliance
(covered as you are with glitter!)
though it does make me wish
you had never left
who else will share my scorn?
who but you
would revel in the unusual with me?
I wish the distance
were not so great between us
that we could share coffee while you fondle
my yarn
(what were you thinking?)
one day I will knock
upon your T.A.R.D.I.S. door
bearing a gift of gnomes
and hear you scream “hooker!”
and I will smile
because from you
(and you alone)
it is true compliment

Written for d’Verse’s Poetics this weekend, which asked us to write about someone or something we miss. Rather than go to overly sentimental route, I chose to write about a dear friend who moved away this year. This piece totally fits her personality, and our friendship.