So many voices
crawling into my brain and leaving little spores
to feed on whatever will give them life.
So many thoughts
tempting me to extremes of emotion
cajoling me to reach beyond the boundaries.
So many whispers
echoing in the darkness, in the stillness
repeating tossed away imaginings.
I ignore the voices
and refuse to feed their spores
I push away thoughts
which lead me to fear and anger
I deny the whispers
the chance to repeat their poison
I trust in my heart
to guide me to the right path
to reveal the truth even in the darkness.

“I Don’t Know”

I don’t know what your words mean.
You speak a language of the mind
and mine is only of the heart.

I don’t know what your words mean.
I can’t make sense of the things you say
or why you say them.

I don’t know what your words mean
though they turn my world topsy-turvy
and leave me spinning and out of control.

I don’t know what your words mean
but I wish I could understand
even for a moment.

I don’t know what your words mean.
No matter how hard I try
I can’t wrap my head around them.

I don’t know what your words mean.
To me they are like daggers
left carelessly in my path.

I don’t know what your words mean.
I just hope that you do.

“On That Perilous Borderline”

Path to Paradise - Adit @ DeviantArt

There comes a moment when you must choose
Lingering in a wasteland
Trapped by habits and past decisions
Destined to repeat as Sisyphus does
A path that leads to insanity
Or instead step sideways into a new road
Fraught with hazards and heartaches
Alive with promises of fortune
Awakened to all senses

I stand on that perilous borderline
My gaze fixed on myriad futures
Aching to know which one will come to pass
Fearful of pain
Wanting pleasure and joy

There must come a moment
When I take the knife and cut deep
Severing one from the other
Choosing the way that is right

Still my heart is endangered
By uncertainty and fear
Lifted by love and hope and promise
I stand on the perilous borderline
Between wasteland and paradise
Not yet certain which is which
Taking baby steps into a new world

Written for Three Word Wednesday, which this week gave us words easily bound to one another: cut, endanger, hazard.
Also linked to ABC Wednesday, where B is for Borderline.