“Two for One”

two dollars well spent
for a flickering fire calming my mind
for soft conversations all around me
for a comfy chair
and hot hazelnut coffee
and for a change of scenery to inspire my soul

a two dollar investment
in my sanity
in my serenity
in my creativity
a Beltane blessing
not a union
but a reunion with myself

two dollars gave me more than just coffee
and internet and shelter from the cold
today, two dollars helped me rekindle my spirit
urged me to step out of my boxes
to rejoin the world and find peace in being alive


“Over Coffee”

two ladies in pink sit side by side
I imagine they are sisters
chatting over salads and iced drinks
nearby, a couple converses by the fire
she perfectly coiffed, he dressed casual
a gaggle of women
well past their prime but still loving life
their voices carry even over the music in my headphones
though I cannot figure for the life of me
what they’re going on about
the air is redolent with baked bread
and strong coffee
and hums with the electricity of so many lives
touched in some way by the presence of others

“Table for Two”

two sit in a cafe
recommended to them
one warmed by sun’s glowing face
another sheltered
a tall potted fern offering blissful shade
they share salted peanuts
drinking coffee and reading
the happenings of a world ignorant of them
two sitting at a table
quietly enjoying the day
without keeping score

Written for Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 79.

“Subtract One”

absinthe on her lips
is a warning to the wise
beware her fury

at sunrise she wakes
radio sings forgotten
sound, where’s her coffee?

pixie dust art
honey draws them to paper
to then be shaken

green apple bits
taken from faraway place
for monkey bread, woo!

Rosemary Mint surprised us in the middle of her vacation by giving us a list of words. Yay! I love word list poetry.