Artist Inspirations

One source of my inspiration is often art. There are a number of artists whose work invokes in me the desire to write. I’ve started keeping a list of them, so I can return to them when I need a jolt of Awen.

M.C. Escher

Paulina Cassidy

Weekend Prompts

I get my inspiration from a lot of sources, but these are the main ones. Weekly prompts, weekly sources of Awen, flashes of magic and creativity to fuel my writing.

d’Verse Poets – Poetics

Haiku Heights

Poetic Bloomings

Sunday Whirl

The Music In It

Magpie Tales

With Real Toads: Sunday Mini-Challenge

Poets United: Poetry Pantry

Monday-Friday Prompts

Trifecta Writing Challenge

Velvet Verbosity

With Real Toads: Open Link

d’Verse Poets: Open Link Night

Three Word Wednesday

Poets United: Wonder Wednesday

With Real Toads: Wednesday Challenge

Theme Thursday

d’Verse Poets: FormForAll/Meeting the Bar

Trifextra Writing Challenge

With Real Toads: Friday Prompt

Poetry Mixtape

Daily Prompts


One Minute Writer

The Write Prompts


Big Tent Poetry – Resources

Margo Roby – Friday Free-for-all

10 Essential Rules

Writing Poems That Get Published

Find Your Voice

Poetic Forms –

Poetry Forms – The Poets Garret


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