Twilight Garden Excerpt

Slowly the doors creaked open, and it seemed that the entire room gasped in unison as Morgan stepped into the doorway. Gracelyn stood behind her, arranging the train of her opalescent gown. Morgan felt like a bride as she took her first step down the long aisle, and especially as her gaze rose to find the elven lord and she saw the expression on his handsome face.

“Lords and Ladies, people of all reaches of MagicalWorldName, please rise in welcome.” It was the King Regent’s voice, and he smiled as he stood, along with the Council, followed by the entirety of the crowd filling the throne room. Somewhere in the wings music began to play, and Morgan strode slowly down the aisle towards the throne. Her gaze focused upon that seat – because if she looked anywhere else she was afraid she might cry – and she was barely aware of the smiles and warm words of those sitting near the aisle, greeting her as she passed.

As she reached the steps to the dais she paused, and the Lord of the Forest and the Lady of the Fae each approached her, taking her hand to help her ascend. Gracelyn remained behind her even as she turned to face the room, and she paled slightly. “It’s alright missus. You’re doing fine.” Gracelyn whispered from just behind her, before the maid touched her hand and then moved away.

The King Regent turned to the crowd, holding up a hand. “Lords and Ladies, it is my duty and my great honor to present to you Her Highness Morgan Aliah Draeleen, your undoubted Queen.” He paused then, inclining his head slightly to Morgan. “We come together today to serve as witness, to offer homage, and to pledge fealty to Her Royal Highness. Do you, people of MagicalWorldName, swear to do the same?”

I’m working on the Coronation, and the ball that follows it, currently. Once this is finished, I think I can call it done, and put the novel aside until later in the year so I can edit it. Which means starting on a new project. Yay!

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