NaNoWriMo Progress

As of this afternoon I have written 10,285 words. I am well into my fourth chapter. Formatted as a manuscript, I have written 45 pages. I am definitely impressed with myself thus far, as I am 5 days in and already one-fifth of the way through this novel. Or at least one-fifth of the way through the 50k words for NaNoWriMo. Whether that finishes the novel or not I won’t know until I’m done.

Within moments Kieran was hurrying along the sidewalk in the direction he’d seen Morgan walking, and he took the turn he’d watched her take, looking for that cheerful sunflower making its way down the street. He’d almost given up when he saw the flash of yellow a block ahead, and he quickened his pace. In his head he was trying to decide what he would say to her. Clearly she’d realize he didn’t normally walk this particular way. Mulling over his options as he closed the distance between them, he thanked whatever powers existed for her ambling path.

“Morgan?” He kept his voice casual, though not surprised. There was no point in playing that game. “That’s you, Morgan, isn’t it?” he added as he drew closer to the woman carrying the sunflower umbrella. When she turned though, he was crestfallen. It wasn’t Morgan. What were the odds of there being two women in similar raincoats and carrying the same umbrella. He apologized to the older woman, who commented that whoever Morgan was she was a lucky lady, and turned back towards the office, hands in his pockets.

That’s a little bit from Chapter Four. The story is staying somewhat to my vague plan, which is helping me keep on track I think, but there are so many side-streets I could take. That’s where the second draft comes it, though, or at least something for when I’m further into the story than I am now.


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