NaNo Excerpt, Day 1

The dark haired woman read over the letter she’d just written, then placed it in an envelope upon which she wrote a name. Melting an ivory wax block with a small candle, she smeared some of the wax onto the back of the envelope and pressed a metal seal into the cooling wax. A fluffy tabby cat wound around her ankles as she held the letter in her hands, smiling faintly.

“It’s time, Cerri,” she said, standing and crossing the room. She moved out onto the balcony, smiling as she felt the breeze kiss her skin, smelling the aroma of delicate flowers surrounding her. Leaning against the carved stone railing she held the letter in her palms, and let the wind grab hold of it and carry it away. She watched it until it had traveled too far for her to see, then went back inside.

I’ve managed to hit – surpass even – my first word count goal in just about 2 hours. I currently stand at 1845 words. I suspect I’ll write more of this today. I intend to get the first chapter completed before the end of the day so I have a pretty good idea of who my main characters are


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