That’s Fan-ficky.

So, as I’m sitting here prepping for NaNoWriMo I came across some folks wrting about some woman named Diana Gabaldon, and who she raised a stink about fanfic. I don’t write fanfic, but I sometimes enjoy reading it. It’s fluff, admittedly, and a little bit cheating if you want to be a writer, but if your only goal is to explore the ‘what-ifs’ of a particular genre then why not?

What got me is reading some of Ms Gabaldon’s responses to the usual arguments for fan-fic writing. In particular, this little gem: “I mean, who _didn’t_ take a moment to contemplate what it would have been like if Elizabeth Swann had kissed Jack Sparrow instead of staying with Orlando Bloom?”

Really, Ms Gabaldon? Did you really just suggest that the -character- Elizabeth Swann kissed the -actor- Orlando Bloom? Uh huh. Do you truly expect people to take you seriously when you make a gaff like that?

Sorry, that sounds a little fan-fic-y to me.


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