I’ve gone through the story I’ve been writing this month, and found some things that are in desperate need of editing. Especially at the beginning, when I didn’t really know where things were heading. It rather started in the middle, it feels like, so I think I need to go back and add to that, make it make a bit more sense.

I also have determined a title for the story, The Clanlord’s Daughter, and feel like it has the makings of a series of sorts. I don’t think it’s going to be a novel … though it is already 10k words – 23 pages – I don’t know that I can squeeze 50k or more from it. It’s possible, of course, though I certainly don’t have time for that before NaNoWriMo begins. I like it, mostly, and wan to explore it a bit more however, so it’s going to be something I work on after November ends.

I have a couple of other ideas rattling around in my head. One of them is a book of short stories. 26 of them, to be exact. I have an idea to write a collection, not necessarily a series, of stories written for each letter of the alphabet. My idea is to find a tasty word for each letter, and use it as the title. I also have been ‘adopting’ some titles from a thread on the NaNoWriMo forums, an have found a few that really tug at me. Several have the makings of series as well, and that sort of appeals to me, though the thought of writing one novel is daunting enough, I can’t imagine writing several.

Still, even with that said, there are a few that just pull at me to be written, and I may have to just put my shoulder to the stone and heave, because I really like the idea of it. One of those possible series’ is Shadowswift / Silverwhite / Embertongue. I have a vision of them being supernatural creatures of some sort. Another possible collection/series is Skybound / Icebound / Firebound / Stonebound – or some variation on that theme. There are many possibilities, after all, but the idea is something elemental. I have another collection/series rattling that’s based on Druid tree lore, loosely. Crown of Ivy / Staff of Oak … that sort of thing, but I’ve no clue where to run with that just yet. A couple of the others I’ve mused on are Autumn’s Empire / Autumn and Ashes (which could certainly lead to other ‘seasons’ or to more stories in the same ‘season’ or something) and Stormspirit / Earthsong / Skyseeker, which I have no idea where I would take but it again seems very elemental. Those three actually have the makings of a Druidic series, as the traditional druid elements are Earth, Air and Water.

I think I’d also like to stretch a little beyond fantasy, though I can’t imagine doing it well, really. Maybe for short stories I can manage sci-fi or even mystery. Historical fiction might be fun as well. I’m so incredibly fascinated by several periods in history, and it’d be fun to set a story/novel in them. Maybe in all of them! It’d be a fantastic exercise, certainly, but fantasy is definitely my comfort zone.


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