About the Characters

I wrote a little less today because I spent some time exploring the characters I’m writing about.

Main Characters

Tirena (Alanna): Daughter of Eiren and Talven. Raised in a human village after her mother was killed. Witken and sorcerer blood. Heir to Talven’s dynasty.

Tirena is beautiful in a haunting way that always left her the outcast in the human village. Some no doubt knew her true heritage, which is why she was kept in-doors after sunset, and never left alone. She has the same dark hair as her father, worn long and falling in waves around her face. Her eyes are an intense icy blue, set off even more by her creamy complexion with just a few pale freckles across her cheeks. She is of average height, somewhat slender. She loves to read, and to ride horses, and to sit under the stars. She possesses her mother’s magical ability certainly, but it’s not yet clear if she possesses the ability to shapeshift as well.’

Dureil: Older sister of Rafel. Serves in Talven’s household as steward. Nearly the same age as Talven himself. Transforms into a raven. Possesses sorcery as well as shapeshifting.

Dureil has never been called beautiful, though she is striking in a way. She has distinctly angular features and her voice can sometimes be harsh. Her hair is obsidian black, usually kept in plaited designs atop her head. Her skin milky white, and her eyes jade green. She has never married. She possesses both sorcery, though not as powerful as Eirena was, and the ability to shapeshift, taking on the form of a giant raven when the situation requires it. Her ‘mark’ usually takes the form of talons where her fingers should be, but can manifest in other ways.

Rafel: Younger brother of Dureil. Suitor of Tirena. Serves as Captain of the clan’s forces. Transforms into a large hunting cat.

It is said Rafel got the looks in the family, for he is as handsome as Dureil is plain. He has a darker complexion, sunkissed certainly, and his hair is chestnut, but often has golden highlights. His eyes are green, like Dureil’s, and are often his ‘mark’, becoming slitted as a cat’s. He is strong, his physique admired by women and men alike, though his doting is saved entirely for Tirena. He has shown no magical ability.

Alen: Uncle to Dureil and Rafel. Serves in Talven’s household as Master of the Hunt. Transforms into a dire wolf.

Alen is a gruff older man, with greying black hair and steel grey eyes. He has a sturdy physique, and while he is clearly older he does not seem to have lost any of his skill in battle or on the hunt. When at clan gatherings he is often seen with a slightly younger woman who does not resemble either of his children. He is often more severely marked than others, perhaps due to his age, or to the frequency with which he uses his shapeshifting ability. That mark often gives him canine features including a muzzle while in human form.

Talven: Father of Tirena, widower of Eiren. Clanlord of the witken south of the Forest of Dom Halur. Wielder of one of the Swords of Might.

Became ill several moons before Dureil, Alen and Rafel went searching for his daughter, and was in fact on his deathbed before she arrived. He resembles his daughter in some ways; they share the dark hair and the cool blue eyes. With her return his health seems to be improving. He has no obvious marks, but his transformation is that of a great bird of prey.

Eiren: Deceased. Mother of Tirena and wife-consort of Talven. Not a shapeshifter, but a sorceress of considerable power. She looked very much like Tirena, though she had golden hair and pale skin adored with very noticeable freckles. Her eyes marked her as a powerful sorceress, for they changed with the moons.

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