“Beaver, Damn.”

there he stood, staring
into the strange immovable water
awestruck and terrified
gone was his powerful tail
his pelt of water-shedding fur
and giant wood-shredding teeth
reached for a pencil, and chewed

Two prompts get smushed together today in this little piece. First, Trifextra asks us to use compound modifiers in a piece of exactly 33 words. I used two. Second, Fireblossom challenges us at With Real Toads to write a poem as if the spirit of an animal has taken over our bodies, and how they might react to that.


31 thoughts on ““Beaver, Damn.”

  1. I don’t know how you managed to combine two challenges here, but you did, and I loved it. The last line made me laugh; we all must compromise sometimes! Thanks for being part of my challenge.

    Coal (Fireblossom)

  2. Complex prompt for the Real Toads challenge. Had to go back and re-read. Initially thought it was a beaver on hallucinogens. But I get it now ;-O Nicely done…awe-struck beaver in human form.

  3. well done, I like the sense of detachment to what would be familiar to a beaver. It gave a good warning that the beaver was not a beaver. I also like your choice of animals.

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