not with your head
with your heart
it is all I’ve ever asked of you
if we must part
promise me it is because your heart
tells you I cannot give what you desire
if instead
deep within
you still hold hope
still feel connection to your moon
I pray
you will not let your head rule
in a matter where hearts know best

Written as a response to the prompt at With Real Toads, which asks us to write a Hello or Goodbye. I don’t like goodbyes.


5 thoughts on ““Listen”

  1. Clearly expressed: I see the scales of justice before me head trying to rule, heart saying “wait a minute.” I like that you leave it unresolved in this poem. It seems that it is always the one who wants less that gets his/her way. Head or Heart? Hes or Shes? Thank you for writing to my prompt!

  2. As a mother, it often is the heart that wins out… as we know what is best for our child, not always what we are being told…. Yes, a very wise poem.

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