“Advice for the Heart”

Fall in love.
Fall so deeply and intensely that you
forget yourself.

Have your heart broken.
Let yourself break
along with it.

Pull yourself together.
Find a new path.
Do it for yourself.

Written for this week’s Trifextra, which asks us for 33 words of advice.


17 thoughts on ““Advice for the Heart”

  1. Oh. Oh. I am weeping trying to comment.
    Can I just say that you reached right into my soul & mind and said everything I feel

  2. Hey, I know it’s good advice because I’ve lived it, time and again and again, for over 50 years! Finally found a keeper at 40, and I”m one lucky woman.

    Great advice. The heart that has been broken will be stronger when it mends… (Tom Waits, best sung by the woman he wrote it for, Rickie Lee Jones)

  3. Great verses beautifully blending into each other…inevitable brokenness .. how ever deeply you love, you will get hurt…its all about the path you take after the hurt.

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