“Wonder and Awe”

Grey morning
like so many before
and many which will come after

with conversation
and gentle, comfortable silence

Silence is
then broken, a cry
across the river asks that we pause

Another call
lifts two quiet spirits
clothed in wonder, rapt with awe

Written for With Real Toads‘ Wednesday prompt asking us to write about moments that make us say ‘Wow!”. Several times now, while walking in the mornings, I have been treated to the presence of bald eagles. They are such majestic creatures, so magical, and each time we are visited by them, it makes me stop and I can only say “Wow.”


14 thoughts on ““Wonder and Awe”

  1. I am blessed also .. Bald Eagles live along the Deschutes River running through Bend! I’ve seen them, snapped a few photos and I always whisper WOW to myself.

  2. How effing cool is seeing Bald Eagles in the wild. My friend tells a story of waking up by a lake when camping and seeing one take a fish out of the lake. Great take on the propt…made me feel very relaxed reading this. Loved it.

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