The Banquet – Introduction

I would not go so far as to say I am a good girl. I have my flaws, my vices. I have fetishes I keep hidden from the people I know and love, because they would never understand.

It was a stroke of luck that I came across a flyer as I walked the two blocks from my apartment to the studio where I work. A cryptic thing, it only spoke of delights to inflame the mind, body and spirit. I have the curiosity of a cat, and so I filed it away as something to look into later that night, and went about my day.

Something about the flyer kept tickling the back of my brain, though. All day I found myself eager to get home, eager to get online and find out what these “delights” could be. The day crawled along with impossible slowness, until finally I was able to close up shop and make the two-block walk back to my apartment.

Once inside I slipped out of my heels, slacks, and blouse, and slipped on a knee-length satin robe over my stockings as I ran a bath. Then finally I switched on my laptop and went to the website at the bottom of the flyer. It was innocuous at first, an advertisement for a bi-weekly get-together of “like-minded individuals”. In what way were they like-minded, I wondered.

I brought my laptop with me into the bathroom, propping it up on a table beside the deep clawfoot tub, and finally slipped out of my robe and stockings before stepping into the steamy water. As I did so, I began to hear moaning coming from my laptop speakers. Confused, I looked to the website again, and was surprised to see a video playing now, of a man and a woman tied with silk stockings to a huge bed, each of them being lovingly caressed by a third woman who wore a sheer catsuit and an ornate peacock mask.

I was instantly transfixed.

Trifecta this week challenges us to write erotica. I eagerly jump at that challenge. Perhaps this will be continued in future challenges. I want to know more already.