Image © Tania Allen 2012

I approach the hive
welcomed by a gentle drone
soft murmurings
the whispers of nature’s workmen
their stripes
onyx and gold
a familiar pattern as they swarm
to greet me
these creatures of fascinating tenacity
tireless in their purpose

With unwavering hands
I reach within
my body swaddled in white
encased in mesh
placing my faith in those coverings
as I become a thief
plundering the hive
for its liquid gold

I can still hear them
bumbling to one another
humming their indignation
of my treachery.

In today’s challenge at With Real Toads, Fireblossom asked us to lie to her. There is no way this would ever happen.


14 thoughts on ““Bombinate”

  1. I think these details are exact. I should be ashamed that I love honey since I too would never dare to do steal it or even “own” the hive. Grandpa used to do it, and he would always suffer a sting or twenty with calm and dignity. Perhaps this helped him get over the guilt. I still cook with honey.

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