“The Persistence of Memory”

Salvador Dali - The Persistence of Memory

Contrary to popular culture
memories cannot be erased.
You cannot simply wipe a presence
from your mind.
It is not possible to delete
your past.

The things you have done
the people you’ve known
the places you’ve been
are all a part of you.

Therefore don’t seek to remove
your history.
Don’t wish you could un-remember.
Instead hold onto those things
which built your foundation.
Allow them to strengthen where you
now stand.
Invite them to persist into
an uncertain future.

Poets United’s Think Tank Thursday this week pays homage to Salvador Dali, whose most famous painting inspired this poem.


9 thoughts on ““The Persistence of Memory”

  1. Tanya, I didnt read anyone else’s links before I wrote my poem. I see we both picked the same topic, more or less, though I made mine humorous, just for fun. I so agree with what you have written, that our past built our foundation – inspiring, and thanks for the reminder. A wonderful write!

  2. Certainly! Memory is within us.It is part of us to keep and relate.Many use them to their benefit.You’ve given a good interpretation of the ‘Memory’ painting. Great write, Tanya!


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