“Lunar Embrace”

Image from Light Words

Beneath this full moon I stand with eyes closed
letting moonlight infuse me, seeking balance and center.
Goddess of night, mother, crone, I pray
for your blessing.
Bestow upon me your quiet peace
your loving embrace.
Guide me along the path I walk alone
let me feel your presence
and your strength.

Over at Wonder Wednesday, we were encouraged to write using round sounds. I didn’t manage that, but I did write with the full moon in mind. It was beautiful here lastnight, so it inspired me.


One thought on ““Lunar Embrace”

  1. Goddess and crone are some of the best round sounds I know. I am so glad I posted this moon prompt because fog covered our view of Her last night. I am grateful for the infusion of the heartfelt word picture of the Moon Tania.

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