“Summer Renewal”

rainfall soaks the ground
making lush all that was parched
summer renewal

Posted for We Write Poems’ Prompt 115, which challenged us to write poems in 12 words.


10 thoughts on ““Summer Renewal”

  1. Like the marriage between photo and words and the reflex back to the title at the conclusion. May I make a suggestion? I think the word ‘dead’, with its hard sound, puts a stop in the flow of the whole piece. Perhaps another word, such as ‘failing’ would more aptly continue that softer flow and emphasize the sound of rainfall. Only a suggestion and I apologize if I’m out of line.


  2. In my small corner of the world, you just gotta love rain and I do and so also your poem. It made me want to go find the rainbow after summer renewal. Thanks for a lovely image!

  3. Your twelve words form a perfect haiku, so if you replace the word dead it should be with a single syllable word. Much as I have bewailed our constant rain this summer, I agree with every word of your piece.

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