I wish
I could take a step
and look out across the vast ocean
then turn
and with a breath
be cooled by mountain springs.

How glorious
to be able to spread
out the world
to close my eyes
and tesseract across spaces
thought too vast to travel.

One moment
on the most exquisite
Mediterranean seafood
for dessert
pluck a peach
from a Georgia field.

if I try hard enough
and stare
at this map with its creases
I can blink
and be somewhere else.

Inspired by Poetry Mixtape 26, which gave us a line from the Death Cab for Cutie song “The New Year”: “I wish the world was flat like the old days/and we could travel just by folding a map”. Also by a character in the TV show Misfits. And by a book I loved as a child.


13 thoughts on ““Tesseract”

  1. I also loved A Wrinkle In Time–in fact, it was probably the first book I loved. There is a very lovely combination of wistfulness and a certain desire to reach and, indeed, over-reach here. It’s well built, and the tone strikes all the right notes.

  2. And I too love the tesseract from “Wrinkle” It seems so plausible. Where are the goose aunties ready to whisk me away to rescue the good guy? That’s where I was when I read it, probably in my 30s. Now I like your vision better–fold and I am at the sea, fold and I travel again, fold and I have dinner, fold for dessert. YES!

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