She stood in the window overlooking the gardens below, smiling as she watched the great beasts, her prized mares, frolicking in the pasture. Her fingertips lingered a moment over her belly, closing her eyes as though focusing on the life within. She could feel it now, she thought, feel the baby growing strong.

A noise in the hallway startled her from her reverie, and she turned, smiling as she saw him coming into the room, shedding his coat as he looked to his beloved. “There you are” he said, closing the space between them.

“Here I am.” she repeated, a smile causing her eyes to twinkle as he took her in his arms, gently enfolding her within that strong embrace. Their lips touched, lingering for a few seconds before she spoke again. “You’re home early.”

He grinned and pulled a small box from his pocket. Her gaze fell to his hands, then rose again, and she giggled. “You’ve been shopping again.” she said, taking the box in her hands and moving to sit on the couch.

“Of course I have.” was his only reply.

She untied the ribbon slowly, playing a moment with the slightly fringed tails of it before laying it aside. As she opened the box she gasped, and he laughed, taking her hand in his. His wiry body pressed a little closer as she withdrew a pair of earrings, amethysts so purple they were almost the color of concord grapes, from the crumpled tissue within.

“Daniel! You bought them!” she exclaimed, and he laughed again. ‘Of course I did. You went back to them three times, I knew you wanted them. And after the last few months, you certainly needed a treat, something bigger than an ice cream cone.”

That trip had been a curious one, and she smiled to think of it. Before their love affair had been lukewarm, passionate only in fits and starts. Spending that time in the mountains, alone with only one another and without the worries that plagued them so often, effected changes in them both and made it clear that they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives.

Written for the Dirty Dozen prompt last Friday over at The Write Prompts.


5 thoughts on “Amethyst

  1. This is an eloquent story. I can feel the affection that they have for each other. The ending has a nice twist when you first tell the reader the relationship had been lukewarm and then, bam, you tell us, “…they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives.”

  2. Sounds like their relationship has come a long way in a few months! I was a little confused by the reference to “that trip” — it might be worth clarifying. At first I assumed it was a trip to see the earrings, but I gather it was actually a vacation of some sort.

  3. I also really enjoyed that bit at the end, giving us a glimpse into the former state of their relationship. It made me want to know more about what had happened on that trip.
    Thanks for joining us for this special challenge. We hope you’ll come on back for the weekly prompts.

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