all around her
is tangled fur
a shade darker than
it used to be
coming out in
summery clumps
it feels soft enough
to sleep on
and smells of outside
long walks
playing fetch
swimming in the creek
and home

Written for Three Word Wednesday, and an attempt to write about something other than sadness and love. The poet’s curse, I suppose, those things come easy!


6 thoughts on ““Grooming”

  1. My dog has soft hair, rather than fur, and it’s continually growing and doesn’t shed, And it’s mostly white, or at least it was! He, too, smell of outdoors.
    I totally related to your wonderful poem, and love the photo, too.

  2. What a lovely dog πŸ™‚
    You’ve captured most dogs to a T.
    Mine smells dreadful after he’s been out walking in the rain. Was even worse when we’d walk the beach and he’d trot all over the seaweed. lol
    A lovely read.

  3. I love dogs with built in sunglasses! Their expressionless faces seem to reveal their humorous side. Your poem was a treat too, written with love.

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