“Stealing Thunder”


Thunder rolled and crackled thick around them.
Flashes of lightning split the air,
leaving a familiar tang behind.
Rain pelted the earth, and their bodies, in sheets.

Each scream was lost
in the steady growl of the storm,
leaving them deafened and mute.

Still they continued
lips inseparable, bodies entwined
lovers stealing the power of the storm for their own.

I envied them
those two frantic souls
slick with passion and thunder’s tears
heated by a summer’s storm
and their own longing.

But I can steal the storm’s strength too
I can make it my own.
You taught me how.

This was supposed to be something for Velvet Verbosity, but it failed to let me use this week’s theme, which is Rebel. It’s still 100 words, though. Also linked up at d’Verse’s Open Link Night.


21 thoughts on ““Stealing Thunder”

  1. Very sensual! This reminds me of From Here to Eternity, the scene with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissing as the waves are crashing around them, completely wrapped up in the moment. Really enjoyed this!

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